TDM over IP Multiplexer

2, 8, 16E1/T1 over Ethernet Multiplexer


2, 8, 16 x E1 G.703 TDM over IP | E1 over IP | E1 over Ethernet converter |, for building a high capacity legacy E1 leased lines over IP networks, Web Manager & with cascading function for capacity increasing.


As a cost effective solution for the traditional telecom services migrate to the IP packet networking technology, EthMux V802, V808, V16 adopts the innovative TDM over IP technology, it transports the legacy E1 data through the existing IP network.

EthMux V802, V808, V16 is the new generation of the TDM over IP equipment with IP circuit emulation that supports transportation of 4 E1 and two local Ethernet ports over the IP network. The uplink port and user data ports are IEEE 802.3 compliant, 10/100BaseT auto-sensed Ethernet ports.

The state-of-the-art design provides the highest availability with the accurate timing signal and data bit stream reconstruction. Predefined system parameter profiles that according to different application requirements ultimately simplify the installation process and saving the maintenance cost.

Telecom and Enterprise users can save a lot of access and equipment costs and generates new revenue by offering different types of service over existing Ethernet networks. It is also suitable for connecting to the wireless equipment to achieve fast deployment of E1 services. One particular application is to build E1 links with low cost Wireless LAN bridges, replacing much more costly microwave radios. Operators can use EthMux V802, V808, V16 to provide legacy TDM services over wired or wireless packet network.

The heart of EthMux V802, V808, V16 is the TDM/Packet processing unit. It truncates E1/T1 data stream, putting the data into Ethernet packet with or without IP headers. The packets are passed to the Ethernet switch unit via MII interface, and are sent out adaptive the uplink ports. Ethernet data from two local data port are also sent out through the uplink ports, but with lower priority than those packets containing E1/T1 data.


1. User-friendly Web server supported for easy setup and maintenance
2. Support SNMP V1 and V2 network management
3. Point to point and point to multipoint supported
4. Four E1 Ports supported
5. Uplink ports 1+1 backup supported
6. Stable E1 clock recovery, low jitter and wander
7. Low processing delay for E1 channels, high bandwidth usage efficiency
8. Resist to packet loss, with PCM frame synchronization protection
9. User definable encapsulation packet size for different application
10. Support Ethernet encapsulation and UDP/IP protocol encapsulation.
11. Support VLAN settings for E1 service and in band VLAN management.
12. Enough jitter buffer to resist packet delay variation (PDV)
13. Local Ethernet port throughput limiting, assuring E1 QoS
14. Local and remote E1 LOS and AIS and packet loss indication for trouble-shooting and maintenance
15 Support cascade concatenate for more than 16 E1 ports


Typical Application: