VoIP Gateway

The MX series VoIP gateways support a wide range of access-gateway applications. Providing 2-to-96 FXS and/or FXO ports, MX gateways deliver carrier-hosted converged services as well as enterprise-based voice-fax applications. The gateways are typically used to connect analog telephone terminals, legacy fax terminals, PBXs, or key systems to IMS/SIP/MGCP-based IP networks. With flexible hardware configurations and rich features, MX gateways are ideal components in many VoIP-based solutions.

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IP Phones

The NRP series desktop IP phones have a host of phone features with standard Plug-and-Play functionality.

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TDM over IP

TDM over IP, E1 over Ethernet, IP MUX

The Ethmux.SA16XX 1-16 E1 over ethernet multiplexer equipment supports transportation of E1 or T1. The uplink have two 10/100M ethernet port. The E1 over IP can managed by WEB management,easily used by customer

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4G LTE, WiFi ac/b/g/n 2T2R Gateway

The ICR-W403 is a high-performance industrial grade wireless gateway. It combines IEEE 802.11b/g/n/ac WLAN and 4G LTE cellular technologies to provide flexible wireless network connectivity. It is designed to offer flexible connectivity over cellular and Wireless LAN for industrial applications. ICR-W403's Ethernet ports can allow up to 3 Ethernet devices link, and provides dual SIM cards for failover redundancy to ensure uninterrupted connectivity

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